Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sony(o)! I Still Love You

Ok Today it happened: My Laptop finally freaked out and screamed ‘ Oh Get Up!!  Pick me up! You are hooked to wrong things! First You come back home, LATE!! Every day!! Then you play stupid games on ipad : Empress of the Deep?? Who is she? Why you are even bothered? Why do you want to bring her justice? And haven’t you finished the game already? You want to play part 2 now? What’s it with the empress and you..Are you even straight, hanging around with empress all the time??’
‘I am not with the empress for last two days ‘, I defended

‘Oh Yeah??’It shrieked , ‘And while you were not with it, you were busy watching stupid SITCOMS? Since when have you become such a TV freak? You are watching everything even ‘Everybody Loves  Raymond’!! Everybody Loves  Raymond’??Seriously??,  I thought you didn’t like that show! You never liked Ray Romano’s nasal voice! Why you are doing it to yourself? Just to avoid me eh?’
‘My Choices have changed! ‘

‘Choices or priorities??’
‘My Choices!’, I stressed, ‘ You are still very dear to me, remember I was with you for the whole day, last Sunday’

‘Oh Oh Oh Don’t you get me started on it now! You mean mean person. Last weekend was the most painful weekend of my life!’
‘Ccmon we were together, what do you want?’

‘Together my foot! You have used me for your ecstasy you played Plants and Zombie ENTIRE DAY damnit! What is that stupid game? Super unrealistic, plants firing zombies and killing them?? And you love it? You finished all its levels, its mini games, its puzzles even survivals!! Survivals – That’s a new low even for you! While you were drawing some sadistic pleasure out of ‘killing zombies’ I, had pretty hard time pleasing you. I tried showing you I am exhausted that day, by buzzing several times, by getting warmer but you !you… just put a cushion underneath and continued? Same stupid game! And today you have the audacity to remind me of our times together? Sorry Boss We are not on same page anymore
When you brought me home, you promised me you will give me happy time each day, you will read, you will write, but now it seems I am with a different person altogather , You are a selfish jerk ,you have used me only for pleasure. Listen carefully .  I am not one of those who can be played with!’

‘I..err..’, I stammered
‘And don’t you give me crap about your office work. I got to speak with your office laptop yesterday, you may be loaded but compared to other writers you are not! You are a writer, you are SUPPOSE to write, professionally and otherwise so stop cribbing

Either its me for something or Nothing, Play one more time and I am outta here’
I saw it again, my silver sleek Sony Vaio. It is still glowing, it is still beautiful. I have been mean to it. I remembered happy times together, when I was writing a book, when I use to write articles every day read a lot. Today I hardly get to see it. I felt sorry , tears rolled my eyes. I hugged it tight, felt it again with my fingers.

‘I am not going to be mean to you again baby’  I promised.
For those of you who think I am bluffing with my laptop- Well you are correct!!

Muaaahhhhhhh (Devilish laughter)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Deep in Ditch, Drenched

I didn’t realize I have fallen! Worse I didn’t even realize I have been in this dirty ditch all this time. Yes! what I have been thinking as the bed of roses (curse the human power of imagination) was actually a dirty stinking ditch with ,what seems like, abysmal depth!- What was I thinking??
I was thinking of world where –LOYALTY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, ETHICS, VALUES really means what is written in the dictionary, not what it has become now. Loyalty became sycophancy, Honesty is new foolishness, integrity is innocence (you will learn as you grow up) ethics and values are like dinosaurs   (interesting to read but extinct long back)
I was thinking of the world - where relationships exist in its purest form and last long only because of love in heart not mullah in bank.  Where when a sister calls her brothers it’s because she wants to, not because she wants something. When father spends on son it’s because he knows his son’s smile is priceless not because he wants the price of it back with interest! Where mother does not want the son to payback her warmth in cash and gold!
Dreamy and mesmerized by all the goodness around me, I never noticed the fall, frankly to me then it was an exciting fall... Zero gravity!! Extreme exhilaration!
I looked around again, things have changed miraculously. Truth does not exist anymore- Everything is make belief. I noticed I am one of the victims of convulsive social system. I raised my voice several times but it was drowned in the cacophony of hypocrites, trying to prove that this is a better world and there will be a better tomorrow.
There is a sense of paranoia; everyone is living on the edge, people have been betrayed so many times that they have stopped trusting their own blood! Purity in relationship has lost its luster. It’s not white anymore! Purity does not exist, everything is amalgamated every relationship is impure. I could smell the strong stench of rotten relationships here and it’s getting worse
Even God has been questioned and dethroned.  Everyone is disillusioned. Everyone is making their own rules, implementing their new laws of nature. Everyone has painted the world Grey. Individuality have been crushed freedom has been chained. It’s suffocating here!
I am tired of this place! I looked up, there I saw the real world the world that I imagined -the world as it should be. I saw hope! I staggered, trying to reach up, it is an abysmal depth, but I will try! I have nothing to collect from here I just want to elevate.
 I am just back on my foot, I can stand upright. Oh well it’s raining heavily now and its blurs my vision, but I could still see that light. It’s a long distance but I will try. It’s slippery and dangerous, but I will try. Now that I have seen hope I will try.

 I will elevate.