Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Mediocre Post

So it is the same here! Every day, same life!! There is no excitement no depression It’s  just the same everyday..mediocre to the core

What are we doing with ourselves?
We- people who are dedicated, working 9 to 5 (actually working most of the time), afraid of wrath (of God, Mother in Law ,Boss, HR), praying God, watching TV, talking politics types 

We call ourselves, Hardworking?  Well they call us BORING!!

We struggle hard to meet our personal and professional deadlines.
·         Oh! Its 2nd Already 7th is the last date for payment of electricity bill, I must hurry
·         The financials are required tomorrow?? I can sit entire night and finish it
·         1st I must pay rent, children's school fee and maids’ salary! 1st I must stock my ration!
We are not risk takers!! Our heart beats 10 times faster on slightest of risk. Oh we are so calculated!!
Taking a 10 ft  roller coaster ? woaah!! Too much.  We are happy on our recliners. More than 3 rotations on our office chair make our heads spin (literally and other wise)
  • Going crazy in love- shouting our lungs out and telling everyone about it?? – Very difficult Question, ignore
  • Infidelity? – Out of Syllabus
  • Petty clandestine operations? Manipulations?- higher studies
  • Spending savings for few moments of excitement?- Blasphemy
  • Fighting in public?- Ok No more Questions
  • Going berserk in public??- Seriously No more
  • With us it’s like, more than 4 random questions?-  Retrospection of self/suspicion/ anxiety/fear… all emotions along with hyperventilation !!

We were happy in cocoon- discussing health problems (national and self),sipping coffee until the day two worlds collided. Extremism v/s Mediocrity !!

Moments of silence!! For sometime both the worlds were not making sense to each other. Gibberish!! Mediocre stood there and watched in silence, while extremist rolled on floor with laughter. Mediocre smirked and prayed for the day when they will have lastlaugh. Extremist laughed harder

Time passed. Both the worlds are going along together now. Well none shed their innate behavior, but they have learnt to respect each other!!
We , mediocre,  have learnt that – The sky  will not fall on occasional delays in deadlines
They, extremist, learnt-   Sky can fall sometime, be prepared

And then they lived happily ever after .. (minus some slight ego clashes, occasional slugfest, frequent showcase of power, demeaning remarks) 

P.S: Sad part , I dont know how to works on alignments here!! so sorry if it has gone little awry sometime

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Of Preachers and Followers

We humans are a unique breed. We claim to have evolved to be at top of the echelon, but in true sense we are still part of the jungle.The innate qualities of being in herd, in continuous paranoia of attack and unwillingness to start something new, still exists. We are still like animals of the jungle and worse.
We are still part of a larger herd, we still follow - whom we assume ‘alpha’!
While going around the streets of Chennai with Ms Melhotra; I noticed something strange- she is turning her head away from all the temples/churches/shrines. Strange indeed.  When finally I asked for the reason, she said her ‘guru’ refrain all his followers from idol worship! Oh Oh…so she is not an atheist but a  believer- believer of different God! Idol worship is highly debatable and I would have let it go, had I not happen to visit the Ashram of her preacher. In middle of the sprawling 30 acres property they (followers) have erected a 10 ft gigantic statute of their guru and were praying it every time they were passing by it – Followers!! Wake up!! This is idol worship!!
Irrational minions!! They are playing with you
 We, human beings are strange lot, for we are searching for answers of the questions nobody asked. We want peace but cannot find solace within and then we turn to someone we believe is capable of bringing peace. We do not trust ourselves!! We like to follow and are afraid to lead our life the way we want- The way it should be
Fragile vulnerable souls! – Take stand, They know you!
There is no harm in following a great deed and understanding the nuances of being a better soul. There is no harm in listening to the positive sermons to uplift you. There is no harm in learning ways of meditation and becoming a better individual.
Spirituality is not harmful!!
I am not against spirituality!  It’s the extremity of it which concerns me! It’s the blind faith that worries me. My heart sinks when I see 10 year olds doing ‘ 108 hari naam jaap’ at ISKCON!- I am believer of the ISKCON foundation, our forefathers have been instrumental in making it happen ! But I never did ‘hari naam jaap’  till I was mid twenties ,old enough to understand, what it means. A 10 year looking for spirituality? Cmmon be rational!! He doesn’t even know what he is holding and its significance! For all I know he could be just playing with the beads!!
Don’t let anyone fool you in name of religion and spirituality.
Explore your own spirituality! Don’t jump in bandwagon- or if at all you have jumped, keep your senses alive. Don’t be blind don’t be slave. Reason!! Don’t turn spirituality into fanaticism.  I remember members of ‘people’s temple’ who believed in their preacher – Jim Jones, to an extent that they gave up everything they had, to live a humble life in Jungles of Guyana (South America). They trusted their leader so much so that they all committed suicide in November 1978, on command of their leader (mass suicide of 909 individuals, second highest loss of American civilian life, highest being in 9/11 attacks)
Who is more stupid? The leader who asked the followers to end their lives or the followers who believed and ended it?
Remember only you can find peace for yourself, you only have to trust yourself

Aham Brahmasmi !! Believe me you are God yourself!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

FD aayi?? Haan aa gayi!

So yet another thought on FDI in retail?  topical blogging eh? But what to do then - this is what everyone has been talking about for a long time now and my puny brain with limited access to knowledge is bound to get influenced.  However, I will refrain myself from talking its implications- All News Channels hosts, Indian Intelligentsia, Humanitarians are talking about it and I have a feeling I might end up emulating them

Besides I don’t want to dilute my core topic today- India’s reaction towards change (read Govt. New policies/schemes)

Accept it or not, we Indians have been fooled by government so much that we have stopped believing in the system at all. Even though sometime government do things/bring policies (let’s not question the intent here, for we all we go in different tangent then) which are actually beneficial for India as whole, Indians start protesting it before its implementation (or drafting sometimes)- It actually kills enthusiasm of the whole project

Its Conditional Reflex, They (Govt) introduce a policy/bill/scheme/anything and We (Indians) Protest!

I remember liberalization of economy dated back late 90s. Here the ever so quite P.V Narsimha Rao thought of liberalizing the Indian Economy and there BAM!! Entire India is on street! I remember rallies and protests where white Kurta clad, Allahabad Universities Student Head/would be Politicians ,were actually throwing ‘so-called-imported’ stuff (clothes basically) in fire and shouting “Angrezon Bharat Chhodo!!”  (Seriously I am laughing as I am writing!) Later these would be politicians were  found celebrating – after tearing few shirts, breaking few vehicles and middle finger to law -at the local bar; todays special order “Aaj to Angrezi piyenge”

That’s what it is! Nobody is bothered about the common man. He is still stray, still clueless!! – If 100s are saying its BAD its BAD, join in! If FDI in retail will come what will happen to the mom & pop shops? in 20 years they are like my family… they  will go out of business, poor and homeless and what not common man is compassionate, that why he is being exploited. His heart is more commanding than brain. His heart is letting them (hypocrites) win!

However, I am happy, after all the revolt and non-cooperation, FDI in retail is passed! Many Thanks to UP majors SP, BSP- I Love you guys, for the first time you actually DID something for the nation, YOU DID NOT VOTE!!

I am looking forward to its implications – I am sure it’s not going to be what social workers/opposition is pointing at! It’s all going to be good. India will shine again

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ode To A Simple Man

He trudged all the way through
Yet he never sweat
Nor he stop smiling
They sneered, they laughed
He laughed with them too
But never stopped
And walked all the way through

Achievements you have none
They said. He agreed!
And he never told them about
Relativity of Success
They materialised and numbered it too
But he savoured them all
As he walked all the way through

‘Gold I have many’-
Often he use to say
‘But its a golden heart I treasure
What good is wealth?
If it cannot make your loved one smile
Love is only wealth that counts when-
You walk all the way through’

He died like a simple man
Quietly from our world to beyond
He left as the morning sun rose
But little did people know
The man was a wizard
Who mastered the magic of simplicity
As he walked all the way through

* Dedicated to my grandfather- a great philosopher, visoner and a very simple man