Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Mediocre Post

So it is the same here! Every day, same life!! There is no excitement no depression It’s  just the same everyday..mediocre to the core

What are we doing with ourselves?
We- people who are dedicated, working 9 to 5 (actually working most of the time), afraid of wrath (of God, Mother in Law ,Boss, HR), praying God, watching TV, talking politics types 

We call ourselves, Hardworking?  Well they call us BORING!!

We struggle hard to meet our personal and professional deadlines.
·         Oh! Its 2nd Already 7th is the last date for payment of electricity bill, I must hurry
·         The financials are required tomorrow?? I can sit entire night and finish it
·         1st I must pay rent, children's school fee and maids’ salary! 1st I must stock my ration!
We are not risk takers!! Our heart beats 10 times faster on slightest of risk. Oh we are so calculated!!
Taking a 10 ft  roller coaster ? woaah!! Too much.  We are happy on our recliners. More than 3 rotations on our office chair make our heads spin (literally and other wise)
  • Going crazy in love- shouting our lungs out and telling everyone about it?? – Very difficult Question, ignore
  • Infidelity? – Out of Syllabus
  • Petty clandestine operations? Manipulations?- higher studies
  • Spending savings for few moments of excitement?- Blasphemy
  • Fighting in public?- Ok No more Questions
  • Going berserk in public??- Seriously No more
  • With us it’s like, more than 4 random questions?-  Retrospection of self/suspicion/ anxiety/fear… all emotions along with hyperventilation !!

We were happy in cocoon- discussing health problems (national and self),sipping coffee until the day two worlds collided. Extremism v/s Mediocrity !!

Moments of silence!! For sometime both the worlds were not making sense to each other. Gibberish!! Mediocre stood there and watched in silence, while extremist rolled on floor with laughter. Mediocre smirked and prayed for the day when they will have lastlaugh. Extremist laughed harder

Time passed. Both the worlds are going along together now. Well none shed their innate behavior, but they have learnt to respect each other!!
We , mediocre,  have learnt that – The sky  will not fall on occasional delays in deadlines
They, extremist, learnt-   Sky can fall sometime, be prepared

And then they lived happily ever after .. (minus some slight ego clashes, occasional slugfest, frequent showcase of power, demeaning remarks) 

P.S: Sad part , I dont know how to works on alignments here!! so sorry if it has gone little awry sometime


  1. hahaha! enjoyed thoroughly, trying to figure out which category I fall in;)

    1. Thanks Meenakshi!! Well I am the calculated

  2. haha, that was a fun read!! will come back for more

  3. Good one...yes...after reading, it seems our entire life is in mediocrity...!!!

  4. I vote for mediocrity . I did try three whirls on my ofc chair after reading this ! That is how my mediocrity dawned upon me . Lolz . very very funny read . Will surely be coming back for more .

  5. hahahah....what a post ! enjoyed :D :D

  6. Hi Aparna,

    Oh my my, you have unearthed a landmine here. Many negative points out in the open. I could instantly recognize with the deadlines part, I'm pretty bad at it, though my efficiency goes sky-high during that time. :p :p :p

    Lovely post. Enjoyed reading this. :)


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  7. Existential dilemma explained in an intricate and esoteric way ... generally amounting to nothing! (Just copying the thoughts of one bard from Avon!)

    But yes, life can sometimes get a bit too sticky and is often taken too seriously.

    You know, like the condition of your text and graphics its best to leave and live life a bit misaligned ... makes it interesting.

    Enjoyed your "mediocre" stuff ... now waiting for the good ones!!! :)

  8. baap re baap!! dho daala behen.. tumne dho dala!! ;p