Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ode To A Simple Man

He trudged all the way through
Yet he never sweat
Nor he stop smiling
They sneered, they laughed
He laughed with them too
But never stopped
And walked all the way through

Achievements you have none
They said. He agreed!
And he never told them about
Relativity of Success
They materialised and numbered it too
But he savoured them all
As he walked all the way through

‘Gold I have many’-
Often he use to say
‘But its a golden heart I treasure
What good is wealth?
If it cannot make your loved one smile
Love is only wealth that counts when-
You walk all the way through’

He died like a simple man
Quietly from our world to beyond
He left as the morning sun rose
But little did people know
The man was a wizard
Who mastered the magic of simplicity
As he walked all the way through

* Dedicated to my grandfather- a great philosopher, visoner and a very simple man


  1. beautiful :)... why don't you try wordpress,i personally think blogger doesn't have audience for creative and intellectual writing, where as wordpress is an ocean, and it comes with grt tools and wider reach.

    Keep Smiling :)

  2. Oh!! You know I moved from wordpress to blogspot!

  3. penned up so correctly, simple and true.

    Achievements you have none
    They said. He agreed!

    sums up all the meaning, in this life.