Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fast Music Slow Traffic

Music is enchanting
It has Strong power
To move you, with it
In Trance!!
My mind raced

There is no looking back!
I will run! I will achieve
I will bring the change!
In trance
My mind raced

New ideas developed
New revolutions made
 2 minutes of achievement
In trance
My mind raced

Thoughts at speed of light
Stirred feelings -of accomplishment
Of what has been done
And will be done.
Of freedom and ecstasy
Thoughts grew, took shape
In trance
My mind raced

Alas! I opened my eyes
I am still at the same place!
Drivers honking
Traffic moving at 10 Km per hour
Dreams & Reality
Not at the same pace
Its suffocating
I feel caged
Transcendent and back
Reality hurts! Illusion escalates
So I closed my eyes
Back in trance
I let my mind race


  1. *CLAPS* You won't believer but you have painted the restlessness one suffers during a traffic jam when of course music is your only shelter but then oh so illusionary. Perfect Picture! Kudos.

  2. I think TPO quite summed up what I wanted to say too.. A beautifully paced poem that brings that restlessness to life, especially with music :)