Saturday, 17 November 2012

Thinking Out Loud

Exactly after 6 months and 25 days here I am back on the same track.... Sitting idle on Sunday Morning after few hours of sleep and blogging..or as I would like to say "Thinking out loud".In these 6 months and 25 days my thoughts have  been centrifuged to just one thing - ME!  Yes this post is going to be about me.

Random & confusing!

Reality hit me only yesterday- it seems like I was under a spell all the time and its only yesterday I heard that clap and snapped back into reality! The present time!! Time where everything has moved on except for myself.  While the world is looking forward to 2013 ...For me it is still April! That poem I started composing is still unfinished... The picture that I wanted to paint has not been coloured. I have not learnt a new trade or art.

6 months 25 days!! Gone!!

Like everything in the world this too has a reason. I can sit here lament the loss- which I have been doing all these days! Evaluating  loss!! Escaping reality !! -Tell you all about it and prove that its not my fault but then I will be lying!

Volenti non-fit injuria*!!

Its a loss yes! can it be avoided?- I don't know.. Will it happen again?-May be... ...but then I know I will come back, like today someday, I will be back again. Will it happen soon?- I will not let that be!! I remember an honest answer I gave in the final round of Ms Fresher 2005 contest, to the question "what qualities you have in you to keep you going?" I said "I am resilient"

Back again!!


* the precept that denotes a person who knows and comprehends the peril and voluntarily exposes himself or herself to it, although not negligent in doing so, is regarded as engaging in an assumption of the riskand is precluded from a recovery for an injury ensuing therefrom.


  1. hmmm..i believe its not the loss..its the wave of time which carries you sometimes u have to sit back and enjoy the ride...keep riding!!!

  2. Agreed Sir... on a rollercoaster, your heart comes to your mouth, its only when you are back on land you realize..."man that was quite an experience"....

  3. Ermmm.. Okay I read it now. The astericked part was suberbly confusing. (Still have birds flying around my forehead) As far as what you thought aloud here is concerned. Kudos! You are out of yourself and can watch the path that has been treaded so far and the can feel the zeal for what lies ahead. Yes I understood your post and I congratulate you Lady for "Thinking Positive" :) You are sorted now, I guess. :) Loads of Luvzzz!!!!

    The Pink Orchid