Monday, 23 April 2012

A house with a mango tree

Sometime it has given fruits
That lasted for months
And some seasons just flowers bushy
‘Why don’t you cut it?’
People often asked then
‘And sell its wood for money’

My father would tell 
He would never do so
‘For only we have a house with a Mango tree’

Street Children would pelt stones
To bring its juicy fruit to ground
And sometime just to tease
‘It is a menace to us!’
My mother would crib then
‘Cut it! For your family‘
My father said
He would never do so
‘For only we have a house with a Mango tree’

Neighbors would come to pluck its  leaves
For all pious occasions
And end up ruining our morning peace
‘Why don’t we cut this thing?’
My sister would say then
‘We are not doing charity!’
My father frowned
He would never do so
‘For only we have a house with a Mango tree’

The tree has been cut down today
For mammon is stronger than god
As all emotions cease
“Cut this damn thing!"
My uncle said

“For I need space for entry”
Alas! My father is no more
Else he would never let him do so
For only he built that house with a Mango tree


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