Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Grey World- Another Poem

He came to me in despair
Dejected dishevelled
In need for love & care
I looked in his eyes
Pleading begging
Truthful and fair
I lifted him up
From abysmal darkness
Brought him to light
With love and kindness

Alas! I did not see
The stagger he kept for me
For I don’t have third eye
Fie! I saw my love die
As the stagger hits me
Paying back for my generosity
Here I lie pondering alone
Bruised and battered from fresh wound
How am I to know?
That humanity exist no more
That mullah has gone strong
And you say I am wrong?

 She called me that dreaded night
Alone and cold
Crying with all her might
For she has been shunned
By the one she loved most
With no one by her side
She was standing at death’s coast
I hugged her as tight a hug can be
Wiped her tears
Made her a family

Alas I couldn’t be
To her a family
Or a friend to love & share
Deepest secret, dreaded fear
She blatantly blamed me
That I helped her to flee
From every one she loved
Ah! My faith too has been shoved
Into the deepest well it’s gone
Leaving me cold and alone
How am I to know?
That truth exist no more
That faith doesn’t last long
And you say I am wrong?

How one decides right or wrong?
Meek or strong?
If one doesn’t know or feel,
What he is to world is not real,
There he is someone he wants to be,
And his imagination cannot change reality
Alas! But A man’s fad cannot be cured,
To the system he is so inured
Which he never wants to quit
Does everything to fit
Where good and evil does not exist
For truth there is no place
It’s just about saving his face
In mad conceited race
To be best in system they follow
System so mercurial! so shallow!
Turning him against his own self! making him hollow!
And  just another man in throng
Hating the one who does not belong
Or who rise above in revolution
To refrain forced inclusion
In system where there is No black & white
No wrong or right
Weak or might
Where truth and beauty doesn’t make song
And to that world I do not belong
Here I am still the same still strong
And pondering for long
Where am I wrong?

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