Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why I missed Day 2....

So I promised myself that I will post something or the other everyday.... so much is happening in the country!! SP came with clear majority in UP! and now that Akhilesh Yadav have sworn in , UP will have an educated CM with a degree from University of Sydney! Mrs Pratibha Patil's speech yesterday in join Assembly session have been disrupted by slogans such as - Jai Telangana!!! That's height of  non sequitur(ism)... ( following posts may have some bit of Indian Political scenario there is so much to write not to forget  perennial issues such as 'AI pilot blunder', 'match fixing' - yes! it has become perpetual,'volatile market', 'escalating gold prices' aur ' KASAB KO PHANSI KAB HOGI' etc)

Yes I promised myself that I will post everyday yet I did not yesterday.... why?? well I had to work on an article for a magazine, the sad part : I got to know about that article @ 6 only, I worked till 9 and when the publisher of the magazine gave me two more days as well as an extra page - I GAVE UP!! I am still weak from my sickness - a days late night work and my fever relapsed today! As far as the pleasure of writing is concerned , I was content yesterday- in this manner my job is quite fulfilling :)

Yes I promised myself I will post everyday there is so much is happening in the country... and within myself


  1. first of all.....GET WELL SOON
    (nazar utarwa lo, lag gayi hai)

    Political view - hmm, quite an interesting and commendable area to punch. Truly extremely excited, with all ears, I'll be here to hear it from you.

    And huge huge HUGE congratulations to you for your article (which will be published soon).

    applause applause applause.

    Likhna-wikhna theek hai, par health theek karna jyada important hai. So pehle GET WELL jaldi se.....and most important Remain Well.

  2. Yaar Nazar hai ki 'Pitra Dosh' hai... pata nahin...par useless bimariyan ho rahin hain..... what is useless you might ask- Useless = small cold turned to ear infection, turned to hight fever turned to weight loss, turned to weakness for weeks!!

    Now you embarrass me by applauding on publishing an article... Why you might ask... so here it is

    a) It is not "article" article
    b) No creativity
    c) More like Advertorial- talking good about your product
    d) My name is not there 'anywhere!!'
    e) I must have published nothing less than 50 such articles in my career (includes repetitive ones...number may be bloated... but thats what you get when a writer becomes a marketer)

    he he he remain well or remain in well... lol almost the same!!