Saturday, 10 March 2012

What was once my first post....

I am forced to write… And worse people come from ecclesial background and suggest me topics on which I should write (Thank you! I appreciate it. I am normally out of themes to write on ….but there is just one problem your theme is stale, old, and Stinking on web since internet was first launched! I know you are acting smart…you are giving me all the rotten ideas to write upon while you keep the good ones for your self!! Right ?? (Say yes, say yes, say yes or I will commit suicide only with the thought of wasting 1 hour (ONE HOUR) listening to your “revolutionary idea”))

That’s not all there are even smarter breed of people who give me theme like “UFO Invasion!!” and worst they even have story ready!!(Now what to you want out of me!!! I quit everything and become a typist?? Typing a story which I would rather see in fire than in library? And you are not even PAYING ME!!!!!)

You think it’s all?? You are nuts!!- This “one” kind, I am about to mention, I love (read loathe) most….they never force me to write (how can they? They are writer/poets themselves….these people would pick up my composition, change a line or two (giving it a different meaning altogether) and will send it back to me!!! (What??? Why?? Why me? I am still searching for these answers! Really!!)

Motivators come in all shape and sizes…. With the ideas most eccentric and stories most weird! These are people  lord Vishnu sent to earth with a mission “Go my dear soul…there are so many ‘hanumans’ on earth they are yet to know of their power within…..go soul go and tell them that I have blessed them with art of blogging” and there they are minions of Lord Vishnu torturing every soul on earth helping them to find a writer (read blogger) within!

And here I am, motivated by minions of God, well-wishers of humanity and preachers of art,- blogging my thoughts…

And no it’s not that I hate writing, I love it , in fact I take it very seriously … and soon you will know! it’s just that I have my inhibitions in blogging…  Why?? Honestly when people encourage you too much to pursue something you tend to get apprehensive – nothing but human nature *smiles*

Sit back enjoy as I take you through – human seasons (why I named it so will be my next post… but before let me get hang of this blog…) well now though the name of blog differs intentions remain same

* P.S : None of the incident quoted above is figment of writer’s imagination or has been exaggerated. All what’s mentioned is but truth (except for the lord Vishnu part, yet to know the truth ;) )


  1. TANKI on March 9, 2012 at 6:55 pm said: [Edit]
    Miss ______ ( lady with numerous appellations), not only the ones around you but people from every domain, from all corners of the world….and even the Universe (trust me, No exaggeration) wants you to again allure them and emblazon the world for internet.
    People at times advice or suggest you with their flamboyant ideas because they know that she’s the one who can paint the picture.

    No matter whatever ideas you’re flooded with, either with devout stuffs or Alien Invasion, instill all and just pen them down. Nobody cares whether its obsolescent or chronically subsist on net. People wants to see it through your eyes, and this is the reason why you are being forced. Well as the paying is concerned, for you now its Payback time.

    Now its the TIME for you to give your OUTLOOK on every FRONTLINE, but something that READER’S DIGEST.

    the bhagwan Vishnu story, its true. The minions of GOD, attired in skin of common man provoke you time to time coz they’re aware of your crypto-talent. Now the time has come (ggrradddd, see the stormy winds, the blaring sky, the thunderous lightening……gggaarddd…..see that old white beard man on the hill)…..IT IS THE TIME FOR THE CLANDESTINE SUPER WRITER in you come out.

    The cyberspace is flooded and is completely crammed with idiotic posts. Even the cyber-Superman (the facebook) is unable to please the audience for not more than 2 minutes. A survey says more around 3456 people are dying everyday coz of brain hemorrhage ( banged their heads on the monitor), and 789 people are send to asylum ( suffering from dysinmytochondria- mental bimari hai).

    we dont want Superman, no Spiderman, no Shaktiman……we only want Hanuman.
    (#please note, you’re not sarcastically remarked but appreciatly titled as Hanuman, it is for your “creative mental brilliance” and not for the “physical appearance”.

    We the people, urge you to save the world.

    “Hey devi, raksha karo….vinay karen insaan”
    “kashton ko humre karo dur, ban kar tum hanuman”


  2. Tanki you dear gave it a different perspective….and it felt nice, just to know thats only pure goodwill lead people to encourage me to write * tears*… I for one who believed malicious intentions behind those encouragement (how stupid of me)

    Bas bhai aansu aa gaya…..

    aap jaise log mil jaye
    hausla khud b khud badh jata hai
    topic ho na ho
    blog karne ko baar baar dil chahta hai!