Saturday, 10 March 2012


Day 1 and I moved to another blogsite!!.... I am becoming mean, something which I always wanted to

Why I am here? : Well this one is simple convenient and easy to use ...see what did I say about being mean part. Besides this lady sitting next to me- who inspired me to blog like no one else, by glamorising it!- refferd this site as the best!; to put it in her own words ' its so convenient that I can post from my mobile!' and there I was struggling to upload a picture (on that other blog).... decision had to be made real quick... If you are unable to upload a picture in three attempts.... its time to move on!!

Sad part : well I had my post there (my first post!) and a comment (the first one...that too not a bad one either!)

Way out : I am putting my post as well as the comment here!! take that! my pessimist self!!

Some Promises* :
  • I will not I repeat not write anything which anyone tells me to... Not now, not unless I feel I should
  • I will not review books/movies/TV shows
  • I will neither be too philosophical or emotional
  • I will not be too acerbic seriously I will try hard!!
With promise of great start and ..ahem..longer association (with the site)

I start again

* All promises are subject to writers mood and may change with  the external environment. Please do not read it too carefully and take it to heart before commenting :)



    this wah-wahi is for this one and for the previous verse of yours.

    thank you so much.....I feel blessed, my words are considered.

    Lots of love and full-on support.
    GO ON, just write it down......and I'll fill the comments with clapping sounds.

  2. I am mentioned yayyyii.. Of all the people I have met... you are one of those who should DEFINITELY write..and blogging is the best.. huge returns with less investment.. ok whatever that means.. I know you understood like how you always make sense out of my nonstop nonsense trail of useless words.:) looking forward to meet the writer in you again, and again and again.. :)

    Go for it, girl!