Wednesday, 5 December 2012

FD aayi?? Haan aa gayi!

So yet another thought on FDI in retail?  topical blogging eh? But what to do then - this is what everyone has been talking about for a long time now and my puny brain with limited access to knowledge is bound to get influenced.  However, I will refrain myself from talking its implications- All News Channels hosts, Indian Intelligentsia, Humanitarians are talking about it and I have a feeling I might end up emulating them

Besides I don’t want to dilute my core topic today- India’s reaction towards change (read Govt. New policies/schemes)

Accept it or not, we Indians have been fooled by government so much that we have stopped believing in the system at all. Even though sometime government do things/bring policies (let’s not question the intent here, for we all we go in different tangent then) which are actually beneficial for India as whole, Indians start protesting it before its implementation (or drafting sometimes)- It actually kills enthusiasm of the whole project

Its Conditional Reflex, They (Govt) introduce a policy/bill/scheme/anything and We (Indians) Protest!

I remember liberalization of economy dated back late 90s. Here the ever so quite P.V Narsimha Rao thought of liberalizing the Indian Economy and there BAM!! Entire India is on street! I remember rallies and protests where white Kurta clad, Allahabad Universities Student Head/would be Politicians ,were actually throwing ‘so-called-imported’ stuff (clothes basically) in fire and shouting “Angrezon Bharat Chhodo!!”  (Seriously I am laughing as I am writing!) Later these would be politicians were  found celebrating – after tearing few shirts, breaking few vehicles and middle finger to law -at the local bar; todays special order “Aaj to Angrezi piyenge”

That’s what it is! Nobody is bothered about the common man. He is still stray, still clueless!! – If 100s are saying its BAD its BAD, join in! If FDI in retail will come what will happen to the mom & pop shops? in 20 years they are like my family… they  will go out of business, poor and homeless and what not common man is compassionate, that why he is being exploited. His heart is more commanding than brain. His heart is letting them (hypocrites) win!

However, I am happy, after all the revolt and non-cooperation, FDI in retail is passed! Many Thanks to UP majors SP, BSP- I Love you guys, for the first time you actually DID something for the nation, YOU DID NOT VOTE!!

I am looking forward to its implications – I am sure it’s not going to be what social workers/opposition is pointing at! It’s all going to be good. India will shine again


  1. I read it again. I understood the WHOLE thing. Cant wait for a LOOONNNGGGGG descriptive post on the same topic ;)

  2. Very well written, I good to see someone relying on her own mind and speak to rather than join in the crowd.

    Keep it up!

    By the way, I also agree that FDI is good for our economy, everything else is politics.

  3. I agree with you...yay to the FDI passing:)
    n thanks for voting for my blog

  4. yes nothing wrong with the FDI in fact I feel it will help Indian manufactures improve and compete--as for the small shops they will continue to cater to the group that they do --as it is there is a certain section which patronizes MALLS even now

  5. Interesting angle, I must say. :)

    Thank for your visit on my blog ,
    India needs money to fill up its bills caused due to heavy Subsidies nearly about Rs.36 lakh Cr- now you cant tax ur people so from where the hell are you going to bring that money - & this was one of the many ways from where OUR FISACAL GAP could be minimised & this was the same reason when the opposition party was favoring FDI when they were in the power..Just I would like to request you to read this -


  7. Good one. Perfectly in sync with the thoughts of most Indians.